Dataset: /thredds/ncss/stefano_reanalysis ( Dataset Description )

Base Time: 1998-01-01T12:00:00Z

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Bact = Bacteria, daily mean
Chl = Total Chloropyll-a, daily mean
DOC = Dissolved organic carbon, daily mean
Diat_Chl = Chloropyll-a diatoms, daily mean
MicroP_Chl = Chloropyll-a microphytoplankton, daily mean
NH4 = Ammonium, daily mean
NO3 = Nitrate, daily mean
NanoP_Chl = Chloropyll-a nanophytoplancton, daily mean
O2 = Dissolved oxygen, daily mean
PO4 = Phospate, daily mean
POC = Particulate organic carbon, daily mean
PicoP_Chl = Chloropyll-a picophytoplankton, daily mean
S = Salinity, daily mean
SiO = Silicate, daily mean
T = Temperature, daily mean
Ztot = Total zooplankton C, daily mean
netPP = Net Primary Production, daily mean
pCO2 = Partial pressure of CO2 in water, daily mean
pH = pH, daily mean

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